About Us

Who are the Team of Build It!?

Our combined construction team has over 40 years of experience building solutions. We understand:

  • Coastal- Joe- 40 Years Construction Experience. Owner LINK Integrated Systems and Services since 1983. State Licensed Alarm/Camera, Phone, Network, contractor. Masters Degree Nurse Practitioner

  • Commercial - Mark - Custom Home Builder, Commercial Construction Manager. Built over $100 Million as Project Manager.  Bachelors Degree: Business Administration.

  • Engineering -Josh - Bachelors Degree: Mechanical Engineering @ Lamar University.18 years construction & Industrial solutions.

  • Limestone/Culverts/Pilings - Kevin: 35 years heavy equipment and construction experience.

  • Underground  - Butch: Retired Air Force Mechanic and 50+ years construction experience.

Coastal construction requires heavy equipment and specialized knowledge of building in corrosive environments - We have both!